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Nombre y apellido
Nombre y apellido

12 Emery Avenue
Randolph, NJ, 07869
United States


Un lugar para conectarlo a nuestra iglesia, en la cual adoramos a Dios y proveemos un ambiente sano para usted y sus hijos.

Somos un grupo de personas interesadas en apoyar y ministrar a los hispanos de la comunidad. Nuestra congregación consta de más de 17 nacionalidades. En ese ambiente compartimos nuestra cultura hispana y las tradiciones de cada país, además de la sana doctrina de la palabra de Dios.

Le invito que tome el tiempo para leer y conocernos a través de esta página y se motive a contactarnos para orar por usted y su familia.

Our History

Our history



Our church had its beginnings in the summer of 1972 when Brother Everet Eck and his wife Catherine Ellen returning from the mission field in Chile and accepted the pastorate of the Church of the Covenant (English-speaking) in Dover.

In the summer of 1972, the Pocket Testament League, held an outdoor evangelistic outreach event and realized that many of those who attended were Hispanic.

They decided to talk to those who sponsored the event to see if they would be allowed to present something in Spanish. While expressing little interest, they agreed and showed the movie called "Lucia".

It was then that the Gavilanes and Rivera Families began to visit the church. Then joined Lindelia Alvarez, Guy and Lourdes Viteri. 


In February 1974, the Brothers Eck went to Colombia to teach at a Biblical Seminary. The small group in Dover stayed behind and operated by Brother Frederick Smith, Director of the Hispanic work in the United States.  They made the efforts to get a young Puerto Rican, who was studying for the ministry at Nyack, Osvaldo Narvaez and his wife took care of the Hispanic group.


For the summer of 1975, Osvaldo was called to a pastor position in Puerto Rico, but the director of the Alliance offers the mission in Dover to young Luis M. Carrasquillo.  Luis was married to his beautiful wife Rosa and with their daughter, Rosita, lived in the town of Hoboken, NJ. By faith, Pastor Carrasquillo relocated his family to the city of Dover for a new beginning as the Pastor of the Hispanic work in Dover.


The first governing board was elected in 1978 and consisted of: Estela Cantonet, Secretary, Antonio Perez, Treasurer, David Rivera, Vocal.  In 1979 , brother Juan Diaz, his wife Aida and their children Benny and Johnny arrived at the church.


In 1980, our church is incorporated as an organization with brothers Felix Gavilanes, Juan Diaz, Antonio Perez, David Rivera and Luis M. Carrasquillo as the original members of the nonprofit corporation.

In the same year the Sunday School was organized in two classes, one for youth and one for adults, the first superintendent Rosa Carrasquillo and Edgar Gavilanes the first assistant.


The ladies ministry was organized in 1981 and its first board was composed of: Hilda Gavialnes, President, Rosa Carrasquillo, Secretary, and Treasurer Aida Diaz.

In 1981 the youth ministry was organized with the first board composed by Edgar Gavilanes, President, Irma Gavilanes, Secretary, and Mary E. Rozo, Treasurer, we also remember Carlos Fontaina and his father, Manuel Fontaina who arrived from Cuba.

1990- 2002

For over 20 years, the Hispanic congregation was using the physical facilities of the English-speaking church, but in 2002 God allowed us to buy the facilities.  Since then, we have seen an increase in visitors and integrating new families to our church.

2005 - Present

The church growth has developed the need for us to have two worship services on Sundays to accommodate more than three hundred fifty (350) people who visit our congregation. We are blessed to have more than twenty-nine (29) ministries focused, among other things, on children, youth, marriage, and family, which are an essential part of a healthy church. We also have a drama ministry that presents plays of excellent quality in Spanish to deliver the message of salvation to the families who visit us.

Remembering the beginnings and accomplishments of the past is very pleasant and to live the present historical moment of this church is exciting, but it’s even more exciting to glance towards the future and venture through faith to see God's plan in Dover.

Stopping in time today to remember step by step how God has blessed us should help us to evaluate our service commitment to God. Surely God has prospered us, but we know that the greatest, most glorious, most important moments, still lie ahead. We are a family, and as such, we will march out and "Onward," because we know that God always will be with us.